Tuesday 15 May 2007

Mission Statement

The move known as the discofinger is not new. We do not pretend to have invented the operation, nay, we merely seek to document the phenomenon. Discofinger has existed as long as mankind; in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics we see the pharaohs, digits extended in exaltation of what can only be described as the precursors of pop. Although generally encouraging of the move, we do not specifically attempt to promote the discofinger, rather we strive to find it occurring organically in locals as wide-ranging as the seedy nightclubs of urban environs to the country hoedown and square dance. We celebrate those who inherently use their fingers while dancing.

We value the diversity of the discofinger, and we hope that by documenting the spectrum of discofingers, we can gather these disparate threads together and weave them into a rich tapestry of unification that will allow us to change the world, one finger at a time.


Submissions are strongly encouraged at Discofinger.com. We believe that the more "troops on the ground" that we have, the more fully we will be able to document the discofinger. We believe that it is you, the "foot soldiers" of discofinger, that are the heart of the movement and the ones that will allow us to document more than just the homogeneous group that we may be exposed to.

We seek submissions of pictures and videos of the discofinger in its natural environment, wherever that may be. We embrace diversity, and encourage all minority groups to guarantee that they are equally represented by submitting material. We seek intergenerational discofingers, from the enthusiastic toddlers to the weary geriatric. We are a global community, and would like our content to represent that, and request submissions from our international friends. Most of all, though, we seek to spotlight the variety of techniques found within the discofinger community. There is, as we say, no wrong way to discofinger.

It is integral to the survival of discofinger that you, our "street team" send us videos, photos, and links of discofingers that you sight in the wild or find in other media, such as YouTube. We are especially eager to compile a collection of discofingers found throughout history in traditional media such as television and film, and would appreciate any tips. All contributors are eligible to receive a coveted Discofinger.com email address.

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