Saturday 2 November 2013

Dublin creeper discofinger

Dublin is, without question, the spiritual home of the dance move affectionately referred to as the discofinger. On a recent visit over the bank holiday, the field team had a discofinger waggled at them several times at the Bernard Shaw.

 Presiding over the scene is famous DJ turkey Andy Doyle of Lunar Disko. What's the tune, you ask? Substance by Dot Allison (Felix da Housecat remix).

Sunday 24 March 2013

Japanese perma-discofinger

Discofinger's intrepid Japan correspondent Erica G. has reported back from the 2013 Star Festival in Kawasaki with this fascinating photograph. This Japanese reveler is so uniquely dedicated to the move known as the discofinger that he had his index finger permanently soldered into position, allowing him to always be prepared to discofinger at a moment's notice.