Tuesday 30 September 2008

Croatia discofinger

Thanks to Barry for sending over this video, taken during Electric Elephant in Croatia. We wish all discofingers took place during the day because the video is of stellar quality.

Monday 22 September 2008

The ghosts of Electric Picnics past

After witnessing so much discofinger at this year's Electric Picnic, it occurred to us to check the YouTube archives and excavate the discofingers of Electric Picnics past. It appears as if discofinger has been happening for many years at the Electric Picnic, and we are cautiously optimistic that Ireland may well be the discofinger capital of the world.

Bodytonic discofinger in 2005.

Dancepig, a quiet supporter of discofinger, inspires the same during his 2006 Electric Picnic set.

Discofinger during Hot Chip at the 2007 picnic.

Thursday 18 September 2008

Smells like discofinger

Famed Lunar Disko DJ Andy Doyle enjoys some tunes at Electric Picnic 2008 with discofinger extended.

Thursday 11 September 2008

From the discofinger complaints department

We've recently received a letter of complaint from one of our more techno-centric fans, Mike.

"When I first came to discofinger.com, I saw it as a place where people--a community--could join each other in the love of lifting a finger to their favourite tune; be it disco, techno, house or otherwsie.

Recently, however, I have noted that the Disco has fallen from the finger. The website seems to have become a home for the random finger'er, the finger raised with no specific disco being paid homage to......a finger with no meaning.

Is the purpose of discofinger.com, not to witness the finger raised in its natural environment?

A Finger raised in appreciation of a mighty piece of music to which one is giving it the ultimate in kudos. A raised, pumping finger?

I see on the website, a troupe of dancing males, in some sort of act of amateur dance, randomly fingering the air for some sort of convoluted competition, is this what this website was devised for?

I propose we change discofinger for the better, bring it back to the people who saw the finger as so much more. More than a tool to practice mundane manual tasks. Bring it back to the people who saw it as a limb with which one can pump the air in appreciation of a piece of music that has really touched them.

Dear Mike,

We at discofinger.com appreciate your feedback, and have taken a step back to take stock of the current state of discofinger. We think that we agree that a discofinger should be not just an extended digit, but an indicator of musical enthusiasm.

And although we welcome your comments, we must gently request that you reevaluate your judgement of the video in question: 'Mind-blowing double discofinger'

We recognize the flamboyance of the actors on stage, but we ask you to point your eyes at the audience member that appears at 0:12 in the video. You may disagree with his taste, but his movements are nothing but a classic discofinger, fueled by rock-hard esprit de corps.

Mike, we at discofinger.com do our best to capture evidence all types of discofingers. However, we can't do it alone. We'd ask that if you are in the habit of witnessing the type of discofinger that you describe, that you record it and submit it here for the sake of posterity. The future of discofinger.com depends on you.


ps. You may be pleased to see our latest Modeselektor videos which will be posted shortly, as they represent a return to the "classic" bangin' discofinger.

Tuesday 2 September 2008

More Electric Picnic discofingers

Hang Tough types Mark le Tough, Lil Dave and Paddy Canada discofinger during Trusme's set in the Bernard Shaw tent in Bodytonic village.

A can of Dutch Gold and a festival tent and Shane O'Meara is ready to discofinger his socks off.

The festival discofinger buzz

This year's Electric Picnic in County Laois was especially fruitful, giving us many opportunities to both discofinger and capture discofinger videos. The below were taken during Barry Donovan's (Lunar Disko) set in the Bodytonic tent.