Sunday 5 April 2009

Discofinger media sightings

Not surprisingly, the dance move commonly known as the discofinger has been receiving increased attention since the inception of

Perhaps the ultimate validation we have received to date--la Repubblica, the largest newspaper in Italy has done a feature on the discofinger and

La Repubblica writes (in Italian)"The new mania on YouTube, where there is a channel entirely dedicated to this way of dancing. No matter what music or latitude, in any nightclub or concert of the world there are always those who when excited start moving their finger. A bit like Tony Manero, although the similarities end there. And all videos end up on the web."

And in what we at consider fighting words, the folks at have called the discofinger "the international symbol of terrible dancers" and say we've "inexplicably culled videos of international demonstrations of the discofinger." Inexplicably? Excuse us?

Eliot Glazer, we at would like to respectfully challenge you to a dance-off.