Sunday 24 August 2008

A hot cross-cultural exercise

In case you did not believe our claims that discofinger is integral to Bollywood, check out this amazing video.

In this article about Bollywood aerobic dance moves, much attention is given to the discofinger. "Pointing: Disco-inspired. Index fingers of both hands point with the rest of your fingers curled. Arms extend toward the ceiling or toward the floor, either alternating or together to the rhythm of the tabla hand drums. Often the movement is a literal interpretation of the Hindi lyrics of Bollywood music. For example, the singer may be referring to the heavens, so dancers point upward."

A more recent take on the Bollywood discofinger has an impressive discofinger silhouette at 2:12.

Incredible India

When we were recently strongly encouraged to take a Bollywood dance class, in India no less, we did not think it would change our lives. Until we learned that the discofinger is a both crucial and ancient move in Indian culture. This was then reinforced when we went to a club/pub and witnessed the move live. Unfortunately, the videos are of poor quality, but we are choosing to share them in the spirit of global unification.

Sunday 17 August 2008

Defining discofinger

We're pleased to announce our addition to the official lexicon of the world. The definition has actually been online for nearly a year, but it's only in our recent bout of internet-mania that we've actually Googled ourselves and were reminded of our stellar, unabridged entry. Please feel free to add your own if you're smarter than we are. (Unlikely)

According to, these terms are related to discofinger: 'crip walk,' 'disco finger,' 'hot moves,' 'dancing'

We couldn't agree more.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Ask discofinger

"Dear discofinger - I have really long fingers - so I can't disco more than one finger at a time - any suggestions?" Signed, Kev P
The tangled, incestuous web that is discofinger internet presence has expanded, catching many unsuspecting victims in its grasp. The above email is from our new Facebook page. Official response below.

Dear Kev,
We at embrace diversity and value nothing more than our friends who are differently-abled. That said, we see the one-fingered discofinger approach often, and a long, elegant digit is nothing to be ashamed of.

Remember the discofinger motto: There's no wrong way to discofinger.

Go forth and discofinger,
Your pals at

Sunday 10 August 2008

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto (Tokyo discofinger)

In our hearts, we've always known that discofinger is one of the true languages of universal communication, as primal and expressive as anything mankind has seen. However, much like the fragmentation of tongues described in the Book of Genesis, there are wildly different dialects of discofinger, and some cultures have nearly lost touch with it altogether.

After noting the serious lack of discofinger on our recent visit to Tokyo, we feared that Japan was inhospitable to this language of Paradise. The Japanese appear to enjoy throwing enthusiastic peace signs instead. Then, we were confronted with a young lady named Yuki who said with one delicate finger raised to the sky, "This is how you dance in Ireland?" and began passionately discofingering. Our hope was restored.

Shinya, seen above at Womb, is an ambassador of discofinger to both Dublin and Tokyo.

Thursday 7 August 2008

From the Discofinger mail bag

We at discofinger were delighted to get our first submissions. However, we were too lazy to post them until now. Thanks to Barry C. for his artistic contributions to the discofinger empire. [Pic 1] [Pic 2]

We were especially excited to receive Markus' photos, as he is a complete stranger and a German to boot. [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] What is perhaps most thrilling is his claim that discofinger is taking Deutschland by storm.

"That is great! I googled "disco finger" just for fun and found your page. I'm happy to tell you that the discofinger became a tradition during the last three years. And this trend is growing bigger with each party."

More discofinger photos here.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Intergalactic Italo 4-eva

Although we at discofinger suggest treating DJs as if they were members of the general population to keep them humble, we could not stop ourselves from being tickled by this video. Intergalactic Gary is kickin' out the jams at the Lunar Disko 2nd bday to such a degree that Kenny Hanlon could not stop himself from doing a two armed discofinger.

We're big fans of Kenny's latest mix, Sleeping Alone, and would highly suggest you have a listen. But for straight discofinger action, Intergalactic Gary will always be our special little guy. We love you, IG!

A new decade

With all of the hubbub around here, you may have noticed that we at have been concerned with subjects other than celebrations and general carousing as of late. Oh yes, dear readers, we are also highly interested in aesthetics and gamboling through the mist-covered peaks and valleys of Web 2.0.
You'll be happy to hear that with our new design overhaul, we also have the best of intentions for the future. We will update regularly with new and fresh content, post your submissions and take advantage of this new "blog" format to post our musings on all things discofinger.

Monday 4 August 2008

Bla does not mess around when it comes to discofinger!

Bla clearly has a natural predisposition towards discofinger! She can't stop doing it! Even at 11 in Wicklow!

Frau Holly discofingers

Discofinger: Hugh, party, Greystones, etc

Nothing like a disco finger episode in the morning to keep a session going.

Discofinger: Lil' Dave Represents

Lil' Dave discofingers while DJing at the DowntownSounds vs. Hang Tough extravaganza at Kennedy's. I'm assuming that this takes a fair amount of coordination. Nice one.

"Wow, it's like a rave for yuppies."

Discofinger: Warm Up at PS 1

Massive discofinger in Greystones

In case you ever doubted the Irish enthusiasm for discofinger

Brian of Brian Squared at Lunar Disko

Discofinger: D1, Dublin

I'm pretty sure this is when Mark Broom played Shannon's Let the Music Play in D1 at Rogue

Discofinger: Chantal in Manchester

Discofinger at the Electric Chair

The last Electric Chair in Manchester

Evin's discofinger

This was the day that I fell in love with Evin--I'm sure you can see why. Unfortunately I don't have a video of the day I fell out of love with Evin, but it certainly plays an endless loop in my tortured mind

Disney discofingers

Disney on Ice nee Conor was basically put on this earth to make you feel crappy about your weak discofinger attempts

Michelle at Electric City discofinger

Michelle does discofinger--in fact, it appears that she can't stop--at Electric City (Wax, Thursdays)

LED discofinger belt

52Funk discofinger

Check out Benway's discofinger 14 seconds in. Deadly. 52Funk anniversary, October 12, 2007

DJ Hell discofinger

Alexander Robotnick discofinger

Niamh's discofinger at Lunar Disko

Rikard discofinger at Electric City

Fearghal does discofinger

Orla's discofinger

Remember discofinger

Discofinger in Galway. A terrible video but I love this song

Lucy's Jersey discofinger

Discofinger at the Junior Certs

I know this is a crap video, but I was a chaperone at the Junior Certs rave and I just had to post some of the discofinger action that I witnessed

Smurfin' discofinger

Mind-blowing double discofinger

Watch this one closely. The guys on stage are discofingering all over the place, but wait, they have a fan in the audience. Surreal

Lederhosen discofinger

Senorita Jo's Seville discofinger


Steph's last night in Dublin

Mike, a feather duster, and a finger

Sara's sexy Artland discofinger

Miguel's Garden Party discofinger

Please note the wailing of "dirty techno" whilst discofingering.

Swedish crayfish discofinger

(The other) Lina and Johan discofinger to celebrate something Swedish and crayfishy

Jennie's back

One of our spazzier discofinger content providers is back for an east coast rendition of her famous Cali DF

Pam's Brooklyn discofinger

Rancho Relaxo discofinger

Frances the freakaholic

Steph and Jay do discofinger

How they discofinger in Poland

Jennie does discofinger