Tuesday 12 August 2008

Ask discofinger

"Dear discofinger - I have really long fingers - so I can't disco more than one finger at a time - any suggestions?" Signed, Kev P
The tangled, incestuous web that is discofinger internet presence has expanded, catching many unsuspecting victims in its grasp. The above email is from our new Facebook page. Official response below.

Dear Kev,
We at discofinger.com embrace diversity and value nothing more than our friends who are differently-abled. That said, we see the one-fingered discofinger approach often, and a long, elegant digit is nothing to be ashamed of.

Remember the discofinger motto: There's no wrong way to discofinger.

Go forth and discofinger,
Your pals at discofinger.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Discofinger, I feel more confident now, now that I fully understand myself - any my discofingers, now if I can only teach my legs to dance proper too I'll be laughing :) Kevp