Sunday 10 August 2008

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto (Tokyo discofinger)

In our hearts, we've always known that discofinger is one of the true languages of universal communication, as primal and expressive as anything mankind has seen. However, much like the fragmentation of tongues described in the Book of Genesis, there are wildly different dialects of discofinger, and some cultures have nearly lost touch with it altogether.

After noting the serious lack of discofinger on our recent visit to Tokyo, we feared that Japan was inhospitable to this language of Paradise. The Japanese appear to enjoy throwing enthusiastic peace signs instead. Then, we were confronted with a young lady named Yuki who said with one delicate finger raised to the sky, "This is how you dance in Ireland?" and began passionately discofingering. Our hope was restored.

Shinya, seen above at Womb, is an ambassador of discofinger to both Dublin and Tokyo.

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