Saturday 2 November 2013

Dublin creeper discofinger

Dublin is, without question, the spiritual home of the dance move affectionately referred to as the discofinger. On a recent visit over the bank holiday, the field team had a discofinger waggled at them several times at the Bernard Shaw.

 Presiding over the scene is famous DJ turkey Andy Doyle of Lunar Disko. What's the tune, you ask? Substance by Dot Allison (Felix da Housecat remix).

Sunday 24 March 2013

Japanese perma-discofinger

Discofinger's intrepid Japan correspondent Erica G. has reported back from the 2013 Star Festival in Kawasaki with this fascinating photograph. This Japanese reveler is so uniquely dedicated to the move known as the discofinger that he had his index finger permanently soldered into position, allowing him to always be prepared to discofinger at a moment's notice.

Monday 31 December 2012

Sri Lanka discofinger

On a recent trip to the island nation off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent, the discofinger field research team did an in-depth anthropological study of the nightlife in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. With much delight, they discovered that the small seaside town is teeming with spontaneous discofingers, as seen here at a beachside after party.

Sunday 29 July 2012

Discofinger: Go hard

In her latest video, Kreayshawn, a known discofinger fanatic, takes her love of the move to the next level. Go Hard (La La La) features the petite songstress with discofingers out in the form of giant Disney cartoon hands. We at commend Kreayshawn for her groundbreaking exploration of the move known as the discofinger.

 Previously, Kreayshawn has exposed her discofinger publicly in videos including 'BUMPIN BUMPIN' and hit 'GUCCI GUCCI.'

 Watch Kreayshawn's new video, Go Hard (Discofinger), now:


Wednesday 16 November 2011

Thai discofinger: doin' it and doin' it and doin' well

Fueling the long-standing rivalry between the Siamese and the Khmer empire, the Thai people lay claim to the discofinger, in response our historical exploration of Khmer discofinger: The magic finger.

In this modern-day video, they claim that Thais like to "discofinger over and over" or "ฮักอ้ายโจงโปง". Pinky extended, the Thais offer their discofinger, whose provenance is as murky as that of apsara or papaya salad.

We at are committed to collecting all instances of discofinger, wherever they may appear. We remain impartial and free of politics. We hope that in the future, all of ASEAN will be able to come together in one glorious celebration of discofinger solidarity.

**Thanks to Brock for translation assistance.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Khmer discofinger: The magic finger

The Khmer empire, circa 802 AD to 1431, was one of the most ancient and impressive civilizations known to man. The Khmer empire's greatest legacy is two-fold -- the beautiful carved city of Angkor Wat and quite possibly, the discofinger.

Did the ancient Khmers invent the move now referred to as 'discofinger'?

This video of traditional Khmer dance points to modern day Cambodia as being the birthplace of the discofinger. Perhaps we will never know, but even today in traditional Khmer dance performances around the world, the discofinger can be appreciated. We at are particularly enamored with the golden discofinger extender seen here. The discofinger starts in earnest around 0:40.

From the dance program:

The lives of giants is drawn from the  Reamker, the Cambodian version of the Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic. Its principals, philosophy and character are fundamental to the cultural consciousness of South and Southeast Asians.

Akaeng Khameaso is a giant in Preah Eyso’s heavenly realm who has been the target of relentless taunting and teasing by a band of mischievous angels since he was a child.

Eventually, he can take no more abuse. He complains about his plight to Preah Eyso, pleading for a way to protect himself. Pitying Akaeng Khameaso, Preah Eyso gives the giant a magic finger, despite Uma’s protests that this will only beget more trouble.

Akaeng Khameaso celebrates his new weapon, though he’s reluctant to use it. Nevertheless, 
when the angels return and start knocking him on the head, he points his finger at them, breaking them into pieces. Before long, he becomes drunk with power that rivals that of Preah Esyo and lays waste to heaven.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Serious moves in Phnom Penh

The disco inside Phnom Penh's Nagaworld casino, Darlin' Darlin' is known for more than just its Filipino cover band and flamboyantly dressed freelancers. The club is also a showcase for the best dancing in Southeast Asia -- dancers come from far and wide to strut their stuff while snooty expats look on, wishing that they too, could bust moves like this. As with all good dance performances, the discofinger comes into play -- here at around 0:29 to the strains of the dancefloor classic "Lick It."

Wednesday 23 March 2011

The 70s

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the discofinger featured prominently on "That 70s Show," an American television program that celebrates a time when the discofinger was one of the most beloved and iconic moves of an entire generation. But dare we sound ungrateful when we remind you that the discofinger is timeless.

We need not wear bell-bottomed pants or jumpsuits made of synthetic fabrics in order to raise our fingers in the air and salute all that's right with the world (or how deadly this song is).

Monday 6 December 2010

Discofinger: The mile high club

We have long found that the Philippines and her residents have enthusiasm and exuberance solidly in line with our own corporate values here at Therefore, it comes as no surprise to us that Manila-based airline Cebu Pacific has decided to incorporate the discofinger into their inflight safety demonstration dance.

We believe that this demonstrates not only the ebullience of Filipino flight attendants (of which we were already well aware), but of the versatility of the move we affectionately refer to as "discofinger." Not content to confine itself to the dance floor, the discofinger now circumnavigates the globe at 30,000 feet.

Look for it at 1:46 in the first video and 1:08 in the second.

Thanks to the EatingAsia team in Malaysia for spotting this.